Our Mission
The Turner Foundation is dedicated to the continuous development and enhancement of the extracurricular, co-curricular, and cultural experiences of all Turner USD 202 students, families, faculty, and the community through the promotion of academics, activities, athletics, and school spirit.

Supportive patrons (community, staff, and business partners) can make a tax-deductible donation to The Turner Foundation in one or more ways:

  1. Patrons can purchase two (2) Turner Foundation Pass Cards for $50, which includes free entrance for two named pass card holders to all Turner home athletic events (with the exception of state playoff events).
  2. Patrons can make a direct donation in any amount desired.
  3. Turner staff patrons may donate $50 for 2 Turner Foundation Pass Cards or make a direct donation in any amount desired or both, all of which may be administered as a payroll deduction.

Donations can be made at Turner High School to Rhonda Hill, Turner Foundation Treasurer. Donations can also be submitted by completing one of the below Patron Applications and returning it with payment to:

Turner High School
Attn: Rhonda Hill
2211 S. 55th St.
Kansas City, KS 66106

Why Buy Community Patron Pass Cards?

Foundation Officers

Foundation Officers

Office NameE-Mail
President/Executive DirectorLinda
Vice PresidentCamellia

Foundation Board of Directors

Tara HudsonPrincipal, Turner Elementary(913)
Alan PenrosePrincipal, Turner High School(913)
Doug PowersAssistant Superintendent of Business & Public Relations(913)
Vikki MullinsBoard Member
Josefina GutierrezBoard Member
Bryan FishbaughBoard Member(913)
Jenell KeltnerBoard Member(913)


The Turner Foundation currently supports three programs designed to enhance the educational lives of its students. They are senior scholarships, student enrichment programs, and teaching and learning grants.

Senior Scholarships

The Turner Foundation has issued scholarships to selected graduates of Turner High School since the 2006-2007 school year. Initially the scholarship amount was a one time $250 award. In the 2009-2010 year, the scholarship amount was raised to $1,000. In 2019, the Board of Directors approved $5,000 for scholarship funds to be shared among selected applicants. Foundation Scholarship Awardees are as follows:


Skylar Russell
Davion Scott


Josie Alvey
Grayce Beery


Jenna Kanoy


Dani Loma
David Navarrete
Janeth Reyes
Silvana Alcantara


Joshua Hall
Gabriella Acosta
Russell Brown
Sammie Ford


Nicole Armintrout
Shannon Barclift
Taryn Johnson
Elena Marquez


Joshua Hall
Gabriella Acosta
Russell Brown
Sammie Ford


Julia Renne
Victoria Everidge
Isabella Paniagua
Callie Edmundson


Demarais Bradshaw
Prashant Desai
Jenna Hansen
Samantha Saylor

Student Enrichment Programs

Because fifty percent of the funds generated by the Turner Foundation may be targeted to a school or organization, each school, regardless of level, has an equal opportunity to aggregate funds on its own behalf. Additionally, each donor can stipulate the student organization or building to which the fifty percent may be applied. Funds generated in this manner are available through the Student Enrichment Program to supplement educational experiences for students.

Teaching and Learning Grants

Fall 2018 Awardees

  • Leah Coffman (Turner Elementary)
  • Michelle Davis (Oak Grove Elementary)
  • Gloria Goodwin (Turner High School)
  • Natalie Post (Midland Trail Elementary)

Spring 2018 Awardees

  • Leah Coffman (Turner Elementary)
  • Virginia Hammes (Turner Middle School)
  • Jennifer Thomas (Turner High School)

About the Foundation

About the Foundation

It comes as no surprise to educational supporters, such as yourself, that funding for education has been in turmoil for several years now. Increasingly, as the general economy becomes more and more strained, funding for education suffers. Although boards of education and educators in general are quite willing to "do their part" in responding to the tough economic times, often the end result has its greatest impact on our children and their learning opportunities. Effective learning environments are supplemented and enhanced by access to funds which are usually not included when minimal state and local funding formulas are addressed. For this reason, many school districts are setting up voluntary programs to enhance educational funding. Turner USD #202 has done this with the establishment of The Turner Foundation.

Through The Turner Foundation, students at every level - from kindergarten through graduating seniors - have an opportunity to benefit from the generosity of the Turner community. In exchange, Turner patrons can benefit from their contributions to the program by (1) directing their contributions to the student group of their preference and (2) receiving a tax deduction if you itemize. How does this work?

The Turner Foundation sells 2 Turner Foundation Pass Cards to a patron for a donation of $50. The donation can be taken as a tax deduction if you itemize. The Turner Foundation Pass Cards will allow the named card holders free entrance to all THS home athletic contests (with the exception of state playoff competitions). Individuals can also make direct donations, in any preferred amount, to The Turner Foundation. Donations are dispersed in three ways:

      • The contributor can designate the student group or function to which 50% of the donation will be directed. Thus, for example, an individual purchasing $50 Turner Foundation Pass Cards can direct $25 to a preferred student activity within any of the Turner schools.
      • Twenty-five percent of the contributions is directed toward the scholarship program, which benefits graduating seniors each year.
      • Twenty-five percent goes into the Foundation's operating budget. In addition to the minimal amount of funds that are used to administer the Foundation, assets in the operating budget are used to support two functions, in addition to the scholarship program: Student Enrichment Programs and Teaching and Learning Grants. Both of these programs directly benefit students in their classrooms at all levels throughout the district.

The Turner Foundation not only raises funds through the sale of Turner Foundation Pass Cards, it is also organized to accept direct donations from individuals and groups. The establishment of Business Partners is sought as another means of channeling funds to student learning events in the district. A portion of concession profits from THS activities is retained by the host group while a percentage flows to the Turner Foundation. The host organization, such as the football boosters, has the option of directing 50% of the money going to the Turner Foundation to its preferred student activity (presumably, in this case, the football program).

For those who would like to sustain Turner students through their leading projects, senior scholarships, and extra-curricular activities by purchasing Turner Foundation Pass Cards or making a direct donation to the Turner Foundation, you may contact a Turner Foundation officer or board member, contact any Turner school administrator, or download a Patron Application.

If you have further questions about the Turner Foundation, you are invited to contact The Turner Foundation Executive Director, Linda Alvey Lockwood at 913-219-7332, or email her at