THS Enrollment

2021-2022 How to Enroll?

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The "Enrollment PowerPoint Video" will explain what classes are needed to graduate, college prep curriculum info, credit recovery, and classes that you can take for college credit.

Enrollment PowerPoint Video
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The "How to Enroll in Classes Video" will explain how to enroll in classes for the 2021-2022 school year.

How to Enroll in Classes Video
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Enrollment & Course Information Resources

The course book provides information on graduation requirements, taking classes for college credit in high school, credits, valedictorian/salutatorian requirements, course descriptions and much more. The course book should be able to answer most questions regarding enrollment.

Course Book 2022-2023

Quick Glance of Courses by Grade

Graduation Requirements

AVID Information - Class of 2025

Family Letter


  • What if I want to attend TEC or have an IEP that I think require courses not offered for next year?
    • Complete your plan with what is shown and make an appointment with your case manager or counselor.
  • What if I am not listed in the correct grade level and hope to go to summer school to get back on grade level?
    • Complete your plan as if you are in your current grade and leave grade 12 blank. Fill in the most immediate following year.
  • What if an alert shows that I think should not show?
    • Go ahead and enroll as you think you should and save with the alert and email your counselor about the alert.
  • What if I don’t know what courses I want to take and can’t come up with 7 credits and 6 alternates for next year?
    • You must complete this so talk to your parents, teachers, and friends that know you well about what might be good options for you. You must have all choices chosen before meeting with your counselor.
  • What if the class I want is not showing up?
    • Complete your plan with the classes that are available and make an appointment with your counselor.
  • Do I have to make an appointment with my counselor?
    • Due to COVID, all meetings will be held through TEAMS. If you feel confident in your plan and do not have any questions, you do not have to make an appointment this year. Your counselor will reach out if they have questions. However, you can make an appointment to review the material with your counselor or ask any questions once you have the 7 credits chosen along with your alternates.