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The Turner Technology Department is committed to providing staff and students with a modern and safe computing environment. The Turner School District currently has over 2,200 MacBooks, 2,000 iPads, and 400 PC's to foster student learning and collaboration. Technology also oversees 80 servers and more than 20 third party vendors.

The Technology Department is made up of seven full time employees responsible for all devices, servers, network equipment, and telephones throughout the district. The department utilizes a multi-level platform to provide content filtering and security. They have a helpdesk to prioritize tickets. The Technology Department is headed by Scott Keberlein who has been with the district for over twenty years.

Technology Department Resources


1312 S. 55th Street
Kansas City, KS 66106

Scott Keberlein
Technology Supervisor
(913) 288-4162

Jeff Ramsey
Network Administrator

Steve Bailey
Network Analyst

Aaron Tillery
Tech III

Evelyn Courtney
Tech II

Daniel Lee
Network Tech

Junior Duenas
Technology Project Manager