Preschool Information

The Turner Unified School District has multiple programs for children ages 3 and 4 years old. The District also participates in the Child Find Program which is a screening process to locate children who may be in need of special education services as early as possible. Please select an option below to learn more about our Preschool programs. ENROLLMENT FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR WILL BEGIN ON 4/25/19. Enrollment can be completed on-line or in the Student Services Office. Once all required documents are provided and the enrollment is approved, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for screening.

4 Year Old Program

Pre-school screenings occur throughout the summer months and are by appointment only. A child must be enrolled through the Office of Student Services to schedule a screening appointment. Please visit the Enrollment Information page for additional detail on how to enroll your child in the Turner School District.

To be eligible for the 4 year old pre-school program, children must turn 4 years old on or before August 31st of the current school year.

If you have any questions regarding preschool enrollment, please contact the Office of Student Services at (913) 288-4123.

3 Year Old Program - Child Find

Child Find in Kansas involves a screening process for children from ages 3-5, and a general education intervention process for children from kindergarten through age 21. Schools in conjunction with parents use these processes to locate, evaluate, and identify children who may need special education and related services. Children in need of special education services should be identified as young as possible and also as soon as possible after the concern is noted. The earliest possible identification of education or behavioral concerns will diminish the impact of the concerns on the child's education.

If you have concerns about your three year old's skills and abilities (cognitive, speech, language, fine or gross motor, etc), compared to their same age peers, please contact the Office of Special Services at (913) 288-4100 to submit a Child Find referral form In order for your child to be screened, they must meet all the Turner USD 202 enrolled requirements.

Screenings take place each month at Midland Trail Elementary. Screenings dates for the 2018-2019 school year are:

September 4th
October 2nd
November 6th
December 4th
January 8th
February 5th

March 4th
April 1st
May 6th