Preschool Information

Welcome to pre-k in USD 202!

The Turner Unified School District offers a preschool program for USD 202 children who will be 3 or 4 years old by August 31st of the upcoming school year. The program features certified teachers who work with students to teach them the early childhood skills that will help them be prepared for kindergarten and set them up for future academic success! 


During their year in pre-k, students will learn kindergarten readiness skills from certified teachers in a positive, inclusive learning environment. While students are able to receive individualized support to meet their academic and social-emotional needs, a typical day in pre-k consists of routine activities:

Pre-K Program


Students work with a teacher to further develop their foundational skills in a focused small group setting. Foundational skills include: 

  • Recognize letter names and sounds
  • Count correctly up to thirty
  • Put together simple puzzles



Individuals supports are provided to students as needed. During this time, students learn how to:

  • Form individual letters
  • Write their own name
  • Recognize shapes
  • Recognize and write numbers 0 - 12

Dramatic play/center time

Students rotate through hands-on activities and interactive stations. This part of the day helps students develop social emotional skills as well as academic skills. Students participate in imaginary play, which helps them develop strong vocabulary and social skills. The various centers allow students to have a variety of experiences.


As a class, students will gather at the carpet to participate in whole group time. Students start their day off at the carpet to do a check-in with their teacher and peers. During whole group time, they also participate in interactive read alouds, songs, numbers, and counting.


Each day, students take part in recess! During this time, they get to play indoors or outdoors, weather depending, with their peers! 

This is a great opportunity for students to practice and develop strong gross motor skills like running, jumping, and skipping.

"Due to the pandemic, [my child] had never really socialized with any children other than his siblings. I had extreme reservations and anxiety about sending him to school and how he would interact with the other children. Additionally, I was worried I hadn't done enough to prepare him for preschool. 

[His teacher] was absolutely wonderful. She assured me he was doing great and helped him go from a shy, reserved little boy to an excited child that was delighted to learn and play with other kids.

I could not be happier with how he has grown in just the short time he's attended [pre-k]!"

- Heidi P., parent of a USD 202 pre-k student


"What I love about our pre-k program is that it gives children an opportunity to create, explore, make friendships, and gain foundational skills that will help them be successful in kindergarten!"

Ms. Kelsey Mackeprang
Preschool Teacher at Junction Elementary


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