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Any Turner family with a child under the age of five is welcome to participate in our early childhood programming. This program offers no-cost early childhood activities, events, and resources to help our Turner families prepare their child for preschool and beyond. The mission of the Turner Early Childhood Program is, "We will collaborate with families, childcare providers, educators, and community organizations to create a​ high-quality early literacy system for all Turner children birth through age five." 

For the most up to date information on our early childhood events and programs, check out our Turner Early Childhood newsletter.

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Toddler Tuesdays occur on Tuesdays during the school year from 9:30a - 10:30a at Turner Recreation Commission, which also houses our community library branch and has an outdoor playground. These events are for Turner residents with children under the age of five and include playtime, opportunities to mingle with other community families, sing alongs, a guided read aloud, hands-on activities that promote fine motor skills, and literacy-based resources to take home. The time is structured and led by our Early Childhood Literacy Coordinator and Turner Parents as Teachers staff.

When we first started [at Toddler Tuesday], my son was a shy child. He would not play with the other kids. He was behind in speech, and really socially awkward. I have seen my son bloom. He is more engaged with other kids. His speech is developing faster. We love the activities and books. - Diana, Parent


For Rhyme Time, each week, families are mailed a rhyme time package with instructions for how to do the activities at home. The packages include a nursery rhyme for families to sing at home as well as a fine motor activity related to the theme of the rhyme. Children who learn rhymes at a young age have better success in sound recognition!

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The Turner Early Childhood program hosts various community events throughout the year. For information on upcoming events, contact Ashley Copple at

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Ashley Copple
Early Literacy Coordinator
(913) 288-4197

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