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about the foundation

It comes as no surprise to educational supporters, such as yourself, that funding for education has been in turmoil for several years now. Increasingly, as the general economy becomes more and more strained, funding for education suffers. Although boards of education and educators in general are quite willing to "do their part" in responding to the tough economic times, often the end result has its greatest impact on our children and their learning opportunities. Effective learning environments are supplemented and enhanced by access to funds which are usually not included when minimal state and local funding formulas are addressed. For this reason, many school districts are setting up voluntary programs to enhance educational funding. Turner USD #202 has done this with the establishment of The Turner Foundation.

Community members interested in serving on the Board of Directors should contact Executive Director Vikki Mullins at


The Turner Foundation is dedicated to the continuous development and enhancement of the extracurricular, co-curricular, and cultural experiences of all Turner USD 202 students, families, faculty, and the community through the promotion of academics, activities, athletics, and school spirit.


Patron pass cards

Patrons can purchase two (2) Turner Foundation Pass Cards for $50, which includes free entrance for two named pass card holders to all Turner home athletic events (with the exception of state playoff events). Turner staff patrons may donate $50 for 2 Turner Foundation Pass Cards or make a direct donation in any amount desired or both, all of which may be administered as a payroll deduction. Here are 5 great reasons for you to buy the Pass Cards!

  1. Since home games cost adults $5.00 for entry, a Patron Pass Cardholder only needs to attend five games to cover the cost of the pass.
  2. When you buy the Patron Pass Cards, your Senior son/daughter has the opportunity to apply for a Turner Foundation Senior Scholarship.
  3. You can direct $25.00 of the $50.00 cost of the Patron Pass Cards to go the school and/or sport/activity of your choice.
  4. Your $50.00 is tax deductible!
  5. The money the Foundation receives is used to provide Teacher Classroom Grants, Senior Scholarships, and payments to workers at our concession stands that are used to support sports programs and other activities, such as Band and Cheerleading.

You can purchase your Turner Foundation Community or Staff Patron Pass Cards by visiting our online store at An additional charge of $1.80 to cover credit card processing fees will be added when purchasing your Pass Cards at the online store. You can choose to pick up your Pass Cards at THS or have them mailed to you at the address you submit on your online application.


Supportive patrons (community, staff, and business partners) can make a tax-deductible donation to The Turner Foundation. Donations can be made at Turner High School to Rebecca Gutierrez, Turner Foundation Treasurer, or they can be made online here. Donations can also be submitted by completing one of the below Patron Applications and returning it with payment to:

Turner High School
Attn: Rebecca Gutierrez
2211 55th St., Kansas City, KS 66106


Executive Director
Vikki Mullins

Vice President
Amanda Beck

Lauren Aiello

Rebecca Gutierrez

Concessions Manager
Kristina Ussery


Tara Hudson
Josefina Gutierrez
Janell Keltner
Robert Motley
Doug Lockwood
Linda Alvey Lockwood
Pat Pettey
Mark Farrar