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Walk of Fame Nomination


You are invited to nominate a person to be considered for induction in the Turner Walk of Fame.  The Walk of Fame is a community relations project supported and endorsed by the Turner Board of Education.  The Walk of Fame honors individuals whose contributions have had a direct and lasting effect in the Turner School District.
Name of Person Nominatedrequired
First Name
Last Name
Address: required
Phone Numberrequired
Is the nominee a resident of Tuner?required
If a resident, for approximately how many years?
If not a Turner Resident, how is the Nominee involved in either the Turner School District or with Turner Youth?
Example: Youth Director, Scout Leader, Teacher, Coach, etc.
Nominees must meet these criteria for selection: 
  • Must have lived in Turner or been active in school or youth affairs for at least five years prior to selection.  
  • Person selected must have been instrumental in accomplishing that which has a direct, lasting effect on the students of the Turner School District.
Contributions of the Nominee to the students of the Turner School District: required0 / 2000
How has this contribution(s) had a direct, lasting effect on Turner District students: required0 / 2000
Why I believe this person should be given the honor of placement on the Turner Walk of Fame: required0 / 2000
Nominated By: required
First Name
Last Name
Address: required
Phone Number: required
Please complete all questions and submit no later than
September 1, 2022.  
As per Board Policy KMK-School Community Relations-Walk of Fame