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USD 202 Enters Partnership with Educator Academy

Do you have interest in becoming a teacher but your degree is in something other than education? Educator Academy can help.

Become a licensed teacher in Turner USD 202

Turner USD 202 has established a partnership with the Educator Academy to provide qualified individuals with the opportunity to get licensed and developed into a teacher at a Turner USD 202.

Educator Academy’s Residency pathway provides a one-year certification and licensure pathway, a Master’s Degree through the University of Missouri, Kansas City, along with a stipend, benefits and other financial aid supports.

Through the teacher residency, residents complete coursework that is applied to both certification and master’s degree credits while training under a mentor teacher. This model allows teacher residents to learn theory and apply strategies in real-time. 

Residents gradually transition from observing and supporting the mentor teacher, to lead-teaching full days of instruction by the end of the school year. After the residency year is complete, graduates commit to being a teacher of record in Kansas City for at least 3 years. Throughout the entire process, The EA provides instructional coaching to our teachers to ensure they are growing to become highly effective in their classrooms.

To learn more, visit the Educator Academy website ( or contact them by reaching out to Andrew Stuart (