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Turner Points of Light 2023

Congratulations to our Turner Points of Light recipients, Dr. Chaurice Jacobson and Robert Rowlett.

Each year, our Turner Board of Education recognizes one classified and one certified staff member for the "Turner Points of Light." The recipients of a Turner Points of Light award will be individuals who have shown great enthusiasm and vision for the students in USD 202 and has exhibited this through his/her dedication and deep commitment to these students. The award is given during Convocation at the beginning of the school year.

Congratulations to our Turner Points of Light this year, Dr. Chaurice Jacobson and Robert Rowlett!

Selection from Dr. Jacobson's nomination statement: "I have been able to witness what a fierce advocate she is for our students... She also shares research-based instructional strategies that help teachers engage students and increase student understanding. I value the opportunity to talk to Chaur and bounce ideas off her to improve my lessons... Chaur is also responsible for Battle of the Books. She works hard to select texts that will meet students where they are - whether it is finding comfort in a character experiencing the same struggles as them, expanding their viewpoints, or seeking solace in a book... Lastly, Chaur works to make sure our minority students are supported and recognized. This year, Chaur worked with a co-worker and several juniors to start Black Leaders of America. This organization has provided our students with opportunities to be seen and validated in our school... ust know that Dr. Chaurice Jacobson is a point of light to many staff and students across the district."

Selection from Mr. Rowlett's nomination statement: "Mr. Rowlett has been, by far, the most dedicated school staff I have ever known. He consistently shows up prepared and dedicated to our students. Aside from being a tremendous staff member, he is fully committed to his work with our students. Mr. Rowlett speaks to them with respect and consistently checks in with them beyond expected. I truly view him as a co-teacher in the classroom and could NOT do my job without him. The success of our choral department over the last few years is largely due to him. Our students love him and view him as a strong relationship and advocate for them."