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Turner Points of Light 2022

Congratulations to our Turner Points of Light recipients, Shelby Hanna and Ramla Withers!

The purpose of “Turner Points of Light” is to honor the outstanding performance of a certified staff member and a classified staff member. The recipient of a Turner Points of Light award will be a person who has shown great enthusiasm and vision for the students in the Turner Public Schools and has exhibited this through his/her dedication and deep commitment to these students. The award is given during Convocation at the beginning of the school year.

Ms. Shelby Hanna

Ms. Hanna is a choir teacher at Turner High School. Her nomination statements are below:

"I want to nominate Ms. Hanna, the reason I want to nominate Ms. Hanna is that she really cares about her work/students she puts passion into what she does and she encourages students to always do their best. Ms. Hanna always checks on her students and makes sure they're feeling okay, and if any of her students are having a bad day or anything she takes time and talks to them and tells them everything is going to be okay, and she's just so great we love her."

"I have seen exemplary dedication from the students to achieve the highest level of musicianship and teamwork along with Ms. Hanna's unfaltering work as an educator to help them reach this goal. All five choirs: Chorale, Bel Canto, Mens Choir, Turner Singers and Golden Tones have received the highest rating 'I/Outstanding' set by KSHSAA regulations/standards under adjudication. This has never happened before in my 22 years working for the district."

Ms. Ramla Withers

Ms. Ramla is a paraprofessional at Midland Trail Elementary. Her nomination statement is below:

"Ms. Ramla Withers is a long time paraprofessional, here at MTE. Ms. Ramla is a Turner Point of Light because she always goes above and beyond to make connections both with students and staff. Ms. Ramla wears many hats during the day here at school. She begins the day by running our house challenges in the cafeteria and helps pump the kids up to have good days here at school. She reminds them each day that they are special and so loved. She remembers who was absent the day before and greets them to let them know they were missed when they return.

Next, she transitions to kindergarten to work with small groups of students in specific areas of need. These students love to go with Ms. Ramla, because she makes the work they are doing fun. Ms. Ramla has many instructional strategies that help even the most reluctant student engage and participate in learning. Ms. Ramla makes each child feel special and shows them they should believe in themselves, as much as she believes in them.

On any given spirit day, you will find Ms. Ramla participating in the fun. Both staff and students look forward to seeing what Ms. Ramla will come up with on spirit days. In the building, Ms. Ramla always has a smile and a positive word or affirmation for everyone, she truly is a ray of sunshine in our building. We are so thankful each and every day we get to work alongside such a wonderful person."