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District Implements New Math Curriculum

After thoroughly reviewing many programs, the Eureka Math Curriculum was selected.

story by Grace Golubski, THS Journalism Student

In past years, the subject of math in education proved challenging for many students in comparison to other subjects. From introductory addition and subtraction, all the way to college-level algebra, an effective curriculum is key to success.

This current school year marked the end of the cycle for the previous math curriculum. An all-new curriculum is being implemented across the district. After thoroughly reviewing many programs, the Eureka Math Curriculum was selected. The curriculum was paid for using ESSER funds from the federal government, which were granted to help with the impact of COVID on schools.

Instructional Coach Cassidy Stauffer said, “It was time to adopt a curriculum that would support students with real world applications. It is no secret that not everyone learns new concepts in the same way, and Eureka does a good job of providing students with the tools and strategies that they need to be able to solve math problems in a way that works best for them.”

Eureka Math is ambitious and teaching focused. The goal of the curriculum is for each student to be successful in the productivity of high-quality mathematics. Third grade teacher Ashley Mehorczyk said, “The program provides many approaches to math concepts so students can ultimately choose whichever works best for them when applying skill to the real world. This program is very discussion based and encourages and teaches students how to explain their thinking in math language.

Students have had to modify their learning techniques to better fit the curriculum. Although this has been an adjustment for many students across the district, the majority of the academic performances have been rather positive. High school math teacher Megan Jackson said, “I think students have done a lot better. I’ve seen a lot of improvement from last year.”

An updated curriculum has not only been an adjustment for the students. Many teachers have been undergoing professional development to better understand the curriculum. First grade teacher Taylor Sunderland said, “On every Professional Development Day, every teacher receives training or time to unpack upcoming modules. Sometimes a consultant from Eureka Math Squared will come and walk us through different aspects of the curriculum. There are other times where we meet with our grade level teams to unpack upcoming modules to identify key understandings or address potential misconceptions our students may have.”

The Eureka Math curriculum is predominately student-led. Students will develop learning independence and further their critical thinking skills. High school math teacher Wayne Ball said, “Learning by doing is the most powerful instructional process available to students. Students build a personal framework of understanding that has a longer impact.”

In previous years of mathematical instruction, students learned concepts but some struggled to explain and apply the concepts. However, Eureka Math has taken fluency to a new level. Students will have an advantage throughout their years in school and even in their time after.