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2023 Capital Improvement Projects

Included in the projects is a renovation to the Turner Aquatics Center, which will temporarily close to the public.

Each year, USD 202 utilizes part of its budget to make needed capital improvements across the district. These projects are prioritized by need and are all done with the same goal: to provide safe, high-quality facilities and learning environments for students, staff, and community members. Included here are three major projects that will be noticed by visitors to district facilities.

Security Features at Building Entrances

School safety and security is at the forefront of everyone's minds and something we take very seriously in USD 202. Because of a recent Safe and Secure Grant from the Kansas Department of Education, we are able to implement new security features in our buildings. Due to security reasons, we cannot make all features publicly known; however, we can share that certain staff members will be able to more quickly notify emergency personnel and dispatch other security features throughout the building all at the same time. Other security improvements that are currently taking place are adding a double secure entry system, which means to enter the office area visitors will need to be allowed into the office through two secure doors, and then will only be allowed from the office into the building once access is granted by office personnel. This will ensure that only those authorized to be in the interior of the building will have access.

Interactive Classroom Display Boards

Beginning this summer, USD 202 will be removing the Smart Board displays from our elementary and high school classrooms and replacing them with modern display boards. Two options were trialed in select elementary classrooms this school year, and based on staff feedback on user experience and teaching functionality, the Promethean display board was chosen. The high school will receive the same digital displays that were installed in the new middle school. When the Smart Boards are removed, we will also be removing the previous wall hardware (chalkboards, whiteboards, etc.) that are behind the current displays and fully refurbishing the classroom teaching wall. This will give teachers more wall space to be able to utilize in their classrooms.

Facility Upgrades to Turner Aquatics Center

Built in 2000, the Turner Aquatics Center has been and will continue to undergo maintenance projects into this summer. During this budget cycle, two projects have already been completed:

  • The original light fixtures have been replaced with LED lamps. This new lighting has made the pool deck safer for patrons and an additional benefit is the reduction in maintenance as they last longer and do not degrade light levels nearly as quickly as the metal halide bulbs that were originally installed.
  • The walls have been painted a brighter color.

On May 15th, 2023 the Turner Aquatics Center will be closed so that the pool can be drained for the below work to take place over the summer:

  • The pool deck is being replaced with an epoxy resinous material. This is not just an aesthetic improvement - it will make the surface safer to walk on and make it easier to clean.
  • The mosaic tile around the pool edge will be replaced with concrete. The tiles have started to degrade, and this repair will be a long-lasting durable product.
  • The pool will be thoroughly cleaned and freshly painted. This will include the diving boards and ladder to the diving boards.
  • The bleachers will be replaced with a product specifically coated and made for a pool environment. The twenty three year old bleachers are showing their age and need to be renovated.

These facility upgrades are planned to be completed by the end of July. We look forward to revealing our renovated TAC to the community!